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Marathon Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving the lives of patients by developing new treatments for rare neurological and movement disorders.

Many pharmaceutical companies are unwilling or unable to invest in treatments for diseases that affect fewer than 200,000 patients. Marathon is different.

Marathon was founded to tackle the toughest challenge in medicine: developing treatments for the most complex rare diseases. We work in partnership with patients and advocacy groups to identify unmet medical needs and develop treatments to enhance patients’ quality of life. We reinvest the company’s profits to build our pipeline of promising orphan disease treatments. As a privately held company, Marathon is able to devote its resources to developing new therapies that might not otherwise reach patients.

Marathon was formed by industry experts with proven track record of delivering orphan drugs to the patients who need them. From its corporate headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois, Marathon manages all aspects of its rare disease pipeline, from research and clinical trials through manufacturing and commercialization. Marathon seeks out partnerships that can grow the company’s pipeline and help improve patients’ lives.

Rare disease treatments are difficult and risky to develop, but they mean the world to our patients.

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