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Vice President, Technical Operations

Dr. Michael Rice

Dr. Rice is responsible for technical operations at Marathon which includes commercial and clinical product manufacturing, technical development support for new products and cGMP Quality Assurance. He has been involved in the chemistry, manufacturing and controls and quality aspects associated with drug development in the pharmaceutical industry since 1984.

Prior to joining Marathon, Dr. Rice headed the manufacturing development and quality assurance functions at the U.S. subsidiary of H. Lundbeck, a Danish pharmaceutical company. Lundbeck acquired Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2009 and while working for Ovation/Lunbeck, Dr. Rice was responsible for the CMC development supporting several NDA products which were approved by the FDA. His Manufacturing Development unit also provided the science and engineering leadership for numerous successful technology transfers. Modern quality systems concepts were effectively integrated with development and commercial manufacturing activities via the cGMP Quality Assurance function at Ovation and Lundbeck.

Prior to Ovation, Dr. Rice worked in the technical development and quality areas of Chiron, PathoGenesis, Novartis and Ciba.