Marathon was founded to develop new medicines to treat devastating rare diseases

Research and development

Marathon Pharmaceuticals
is a leader in the development
of new treatments for rare
neurological and
movement disorders.

Our clinical and regulatory teams have deep expertise in neurology and movement disorders.  We partner with researchers and patient advocates to develop potential new treatments, conduct clinical trials and obtain FDA approval for important orphan disease treatments.

Marathon reinvests its profits to build to build a pipeline of potential treatments. We are committed to providing effective medicine to patients as quickly as possible, particularly those who currently have no treatment available.

Marathon has a robust pipeline of therapeutics in development and is working toward FDA approval of orphan products to treat rare neurological and movement disorders.

Marathon works closely with patient groups and researchers to understand their unmet needs and find medicines that can help. We are actively seeking to license or acquire orphan products for the treatment of CNS, neurology and movement disorders.

Developing new medicines for small groups of patients is the hardest path in pharmaceuticals. We meet the challenge by seeking out potential treatments that other companies can’t fully develop, identifying experimental treatments with the potential to improve patients’ lives and working relentlessly to get effective new treatments to patients.